"My students and I really enjoyed Pamela Nonen's appearance as a guest speaker at our Grossmont College Business 128 class. She's an engaging speaker, who comes armed with excellent information on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and general job search. Pamela is a top-notch resume-writing professional; I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking exceptional career search assistance." -Paula Margulies, Adjunct Faculty, Grossmont College and owner of Paula Margulies Communications

"Viewed your work. All I can say is "Wow!" What a difference between yours and that “competitor!” I will feel so much more confidant attaching this cover letter and resume to various companies' application forms. Thank you!" –Gregory P.

"I received the offer letter last night and have already signed and sent it back to them. Thank you again for your help with everything, from helping build up my confidence to walking me through the process - to your targeted words, capturing exactly what needed to be conveyed. It, and you, are much appreciated." -Michelle T.

"My apologies for not responding sooner, but I have to tell you because of you I am now employed!  Without even having to do a second revision of my resume,  I immediately received calls after I posted my new resume on the job boards.  I have had two recruiters tell me they loved my resume!  One even saw my old one for comparison. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my resume, it really paid off.  Again, thanks so much and you are right...you have a gift to do this. You will be the first word I mumble when a friend tells me they are looking for a job." -Carrie A.

"You must hear this a lot. You have done it again! I could find nothing "wrong" with my resume and cover letter, which is to say they are perfect. You have coalesced and condensed my background and interests in to a precise package that will serve me well. Thank you for your time and efforts and for the quality service you provide!" - Steve K.

"Your resume in the last six weeks has gotten me five interviews and eleven or so more requests for a first.” –Alex H. 

"Three weeks ago I began my new job working for VIP realty in the accounting department. I actually received several job offers in my search. Every employment agency or person I interviewed with was very impressed with my resume. I truly believe it was a tremendous help to have such a professional looking resume. Thank you very much for your help. I would recommend you to anyone in need of a resume. -Rich B.

“Both the resume and cover letter are beautifully done. I will let you know the results and refer as many people as I can to you. I am very impressed with your work and you made me sound good too!! lol” –Jamie S.

“I love, love, love it!!! You are definitely doing what you’re good at, that is for sure!! Thanks again, you’re a superstar!!” –Denise R.

"Thank you, I secured a great job as a CAM, with a good company. The resume you did for me was instrumental." -Greg C.

"WOW!!! I'd hire me...what a terrific job! Thank you so much. I do not have any changes to make; you did a remarkable job. I'll let you know how things go for me, and I've already given your name to other job seekers. Thanks again." -Joshua E.


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