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Social Media’s Relevance In Achieving your Career Goals

Have you Googled your own name lately?  Are you aware that your online presence or lack thereof can either make or break your next career move?

PAMELA NONEN, CPRW is your executive résumé services company that embraces social media in cooperation with professional résumé development; and is prepared to fully compose and set up a top-notch keyword driven LinkedIn profile, effectively portraying your career background and expertise in the social media marketplace and greatly enhancing your job search efforts.

 What this means is that “YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE WILL SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE” and otherwise lost career opportunities will become available to you; both in the cyber world and on the streets of the business world, by virtue of your professionally prepared MS Word formatted résumé and LinkedIn profile prepared by PAMELA NONEN, CPRW.

BACKGROUND:  LinkedIn is now considered the online standard for web networking and social media job searching, to include: recruiter and employer access, direct link application submittal plugin, potential real-time follow-up, interview screening and cutting-edge social recruiting.  The power of LinkedIn lies in its acclaimed worldwide web presence and millions of professionals utilizing this service in the social media arena.  LinkedIn also serves as a job posting and referral site, fast becoming a favorite for companies who are complementing their job boards with the Internet, assuring that the very best candidates are located and found from anywhere in the world.

Social recruiting is cutting edge, is available now, and is accomplished by LinkedIn’s utilization of a plugin, accessed via “Apply with LinkedIn.”  This plugin allows you to apply for jobs by using your LinkedIn profile.  The employers thereby make use of the plugin on their career sites and job postings on the web to reach more than 100 million LinkedIn professionals around the world when filling professional vacancies within their firms.

To reiterate the benefits and value of social media in the job search marketplace, LinkedIn offers you a place to connect with industry colleagues, past co-workers, and potential employers and their job boards, and much more. This is the place for you to post your professional attributes in a strategic manner.  As such, when you connect with employers and they scrutinize your LinkedIn profile during your job search, you are now going to be able to compete with cyber world applicants and not be left behind with only the conventional paper-trail method of searching for a job.  PAMELA NONEN, CPRW makes it easy for you take advantage of all your job search opportunities!   For employers who are not as informed as others, you can direct them to your LinkedIn profile along with forwarding your MS Word résumé and/or other social media devices reflected below.

 "It is Extremely Important That You Portray
 a Unified and Compelling Message Across
All Your Social Media Sites"




Blogging is an effective means of sharing your attributes and real-life thoughts that convey what is important to you and what you have to offer in a summary format.

develops Personal Profile Blogs and much more, depending upon the message you would like to convey.  Blogging can serve to inform the intended reader of your industry, monitor and share news with your existing network, and even showcase a portfolio of your best work samples. Blogs can be very short to several pages, depending upon your blog objective.

can highlight your unique attributes and depict your work experience, including your video résumé, and then write blog posts about your different thoughts and ideas, for example:

  • Personal Profile
  • Résumé Posting 

Personal Websites allow you to personalize and expand your attributes in the form of creative images, videos, and links of interest in a strategic and compelling manner.

will assist you in getting your personal website properly set-up and give you the training needed to maintain it.  The biggest advantage a personal website offers you is the control of the content and the ability to update it whenever it becomes necessary.  Résumés prepared by PAMELA NONEN, CPRW should be updated routinely, in order to assure your résumés are reflecting your up-to-date experience.  Your professional attributes written in a World Wide Web format contain content strategically presenting your professional nature, rather than on behalf of a company, organization or institution.

The content of your personal web pages varies (e.g., biographical information, résumés, and blog posts).

Video referencing your best attributes and principles in your preferred descriptive environment: 

With the help of PAMELA NONEN, CPRW, you have the opportunity to present yourself in a setting that presents your interests and/or career objectives in an appealing audio/video environment.  You further have the ability to post directly from your smart phone to social media sites (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).  This can include a multiple series of videos that describe your intended message whether it is career, personal or ideological concepts. 

PAMELA NONEN, CPRW can assist you in strategizing your script and preparing your dialogue to be used and give you the training in updating it periodically as appropriate.

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