Pamela Nonen, CPRW established a full-service professional résumé writing business in 1990 and has offices in Livonia/Dearborn/Metro Detroit, Michigan; Fort Myers, Florida; and San Diego, California.  As an active member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), Pam participated in annual three-day continuing education conventions with workshops and seminars conducted by the country's top HR and career-related professionals.

In 1995, Pam earned the Certified Professional Résumé Writer credential and was asked to serve as a professional mentor to new PARW/CC members.

Throughout Pam's career, she has been recognized as an expert in her field.  Her clients are professionals in all fields and at all levels, including high-ranking city officials, CEO’s of multimillion-dollar companies, entreprenuers and mid to senior level managers.

Sharing her extensive knowledge is important to Pam and she has presented numerous résumé writing and interview skills training seminars at colleges, high schools, job fairs and community events.

"Pam, thank you so much for visiting both my Bus Communication classes this spring. You were amazing! The students learned so much from your visits (so did I!). Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and expertise with us!" - Paula Margulies, Adjunct Instructor - Business, Grossmont College

Helping clients achieve their career goals is Pam’s passion and professional expertise.  Her personalized approach to business extends far beyond expert-level writing services.  Pam truly cares about her clients and is committed to delivering strategic marketing tools that get results.

Prior to 1990, there was no “standard” by which a résumé writer could be judged.  Highly experienced résumé professionals had no way to distinguish their expertise from those who were less gifted and experienced.  To the buying public — the résumé client —one résumé service was pretty much the same as any other.  During PARW/CC’s first year, the Association formed a Certification Committee to develop a standard for testing résumé writers and awarding the Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) credential to those meeting the standard. The first testing was conducted in 1991, with seven members receiving the CPRW designation.

The result, however, was dramatic. Not only did the general public now have a means of selecting the industry’s best résumé professionals, but others in the career field also took notice. Publishers of career books requested that résumé samples be submitted exclusively by those with the CPRW credential.  University and military career counselors began earning the CPRW credential, as did State Department of Labor career advisors. In short, the CPRW credential is the Industry Standard for professional résumé writers.

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PAMELA NONEN, CPRW is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches,
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