"My students and I really enjoyed Pamela Nonen's appearance as a guest speaker at our Grossmont College Business 128 class. She's an engaging speaker, who comes armed with excellent information on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and general job search. Pamela is a top-notch resume-writing professional; I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking exceptional career search assistance." -Paula Margulies, Adjunct Faculty, Grossmont College and owner of Paula Margulies Communications

"Thank you Pam. I truly appreciate your encouraging words during our conversation and your expertise in writing my cover letter and resume. I love it! I will not hesitate to pass your contact information along to anyone who needs it in the future!" -Crystal M. December 14, 2017

"Hello Pamela. Wow! Thank you so much, this looks great!" -Brock O. November 27, 2017 

"Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Hope you enjoyed it. I have reviewed my resume and it looks fantastic! Thank you." -Carol D. November 25, 2017

"Pam, This is great. You really captured my current position and all of the communities benefits very well. I don’t currently see anything that needs adjusting but if I dig into a job change I might request a tweak." -Thom B. October 18, 2017

"Hey Pamela, Sorry for going quiet for a little bit... When I came back to this resume though, to be honest, it's an incredible resume and you did a fantastic job! I really don't have that many edits although was wondering if you could just help me sneak one thing in here and adjust one sentence, then I can call this complete... Besides those two things, I'm good! Your professionalism and skills are extremely impressive Pamela. I showed this to some family members and they were blown away. Very awesome work here.Thank you so much, I've had a few recruiters reach out to me asking for my resume, so I'm excited to get this finished up and start sending out to my network!" -Nick T. November 17, 2017

"Hello Pamela, I think it looks very nice! You sure do have one heck of a talent for resume building! It’s perfect! Thank you for taking your time and doing such a great job! Resume wise, it’s perfect for every company that I’ll be looking to apply to, and I think if I submit it internally, the only thing I would take out would be on the operations management co title, so that they wouldn’t raise any concerns. But this resume looks really great and I think you did a fantastic job!!!!!! I’ll be leaving in there co title for all other outside positions in hopes that they ask me to elaborate.Thank you again! Look forward to hearing more from you, and I will be recommending your services to anyone I run across that is in the job market." -Josh R. August 7, 2017

"Pamela, The cover letter is absolutely perfect! I knew I found the right person for the job! I can't thank you enough! Well Done." -Josh R. August 8, 2017


"Hello Ms. Nonen. Well, all I can really say to my resume is "WOW!!!" It looks infinitely more professional, refined, and detailed than what I had previous. I cannot thank you enough, truly. Again, this is incredible and looks 1000% better than my previous resume. Judging by the outstanding quality my resume, I am certain I would like you to give my LinkedIN the same treatment!" -Robert W. March 27, 2017

"Hello Ms. Nonen. All I can say is, wow! The Cover letter is fantastic, and perfect the way it is! I can't wait to start applying again. I know I have stated before that you have helped me tremendously, but I want to re-iterate. You've given me a renewed confidence, and given me the tools to succeed. Again, thank you! I will keep in touch and let you know how my search goes. Until then, have a wonderful week!" -Robert W. April 2, 2017

"Pamela, It was my pleasure referring you to Mike. I had 6 calls for interviews out of 40 resumes posted. Thanks again for the help. I am enjoying my new job. -Matt S.

"This is perfect, I could never have done this on my own. It looks so professional and streamlined. Thank you." -Val G.

"Pam,Thanks for putting this all together. No changes from me. I have already started applying for jobs. I passed your contact info along to one of my colleagues... As I hear of others I will be sure to pass your info along to them as well. Thanks again for everything, you saved me a lot of stress and curse words and delivered a product much better than I ever could have hoped to produce on my own." -Paul S.

"Hello, I just received an email that my interview was successful and FLVS will be contacting me. Thank you so much for all of your help." -Beth C.

"Dear Pam: I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for doing such an excellent job writing both my son's resumes.  You not only took the time to interview them, but you truly cared about what they wanted to achieve in life. By doing such an excellent job, my son Ronnie was hired at Tiffany's in Del Mar and is using his degree as a Certified Gemologist. He is now looking to promote within the company and with his experience and your resume the sky is the limit for him!  My younger son Ricky is now working at a Resort in Las Vegas and is finally doing what he loves to do in the film industry!  I cannot thank you enough for not only preparing their resumes but for truly caring about their needs and wants in life! Your attention to detail, your caring nature and just being the BEST at what you do is why I will continue to recommend you to all my friends!  I can see why you are so successful at what you do Pam and I just wanted to thank you again for all your time and effort!" Sincerely, Tricia O.

"I received the offer letter last night and have already signed and sent it back to them. Thank you again for your help with everything, from helping build up my confidence to walking me through the process - to your targeted words, capturing exactly what needed to be conveyed. It, and you, are much appreciated."
-Michelle T.

"The resume & cover letter are both excellent. I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you very much for your invaluable assistance. I'll be applying to several more schools over the weekend & am looking forward to using my new resume & cover letter. I'll be sure to let you know when I find my dream job. With gratitude, -Sarah B.

"I did receive the cover letter and resume. Been busy and today I finally had the chance to sit down and look them over. I love them!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful preparation in writing something that I can use for all types of jobs. You are the best!!!" -Cindy A.

"Thank you so much! My resume update looks so good! You have a gift for putting one's career life all together on paper in a fashion that gives the best highlights of my 25 year career!  I don't know how you do it!" -LeaAnn L.

"I am doing well up in the bay area, thanks for asking. Because I had you help me with my resume I have had some great  opportunities with some great companies. Currently I am finishing up the last part of the interview process with a tech company, all because of your great work. I am a firm believer in having someone like you to help rebuild your resume. Thanks so much for your help!
I wanted to also ask you if you could help me with my linked in profile? T
-Shawn H.

"WOW!  As you know, I was initially unsure whether or not I wanted to invest so much money in my resume and cover letter, but I am so glad I did!  These are absolutely fantastic.  They honestly represent my experience, and present me with all of the qualities I want to show others I have: honesty, integrity, a drive for problem-solving, an entrepreneurial spirit, a leadership mentality, and a solid work ethic.  After looking them over a few times, I really don't have any thing major I would like to change.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  It projects so much confidence without being arrogant.  Now, I know it's all up to me to convey the same confidence this resume and cover letter convey! I'm very pleased with it!  Thank you for all of your work.  This was a very positive experience for me, and you have been very encouraging.  Now it's time for me to get to work! -Matt J.

"I just wanted to let you know that the resume looks spectacular!! You really did a great job correlating my currents job skills to those that would be required in the new field I am entering. I honestly can not find a single thing I would change. Just wanted to thank you again on an amazing job and can not wait to update you on my successes." -Josh E.

"Viewed your work. All I can say is "Wow! What a difference between yours and that “competitor!” I will feel so much more confidant attaching this cover letter and resume to various companies' application forms. Thank you!" -Gregory P.

"You did an outstanding job doing a resume and cover letter for me when I was forced to change professions 7 years ago. I wouldn’t have gotten this job without you. You updated my resume when I got promoted to V.P. and you did a resume for my friend’s daughter which I sent her as a graduation present. A good friend of mine just called me to ask whom I would recommend that could write a resume for him. Of course I referred him to the best! Pam, he is a top notch professional that I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with for over 20 years. He asked that I let you know that he’d be reaching out to you." -Brett L.

"My apologies for not responding sooner, but I have to tell you because of you I am now employed!  Without even having to do a second revision of my resume,  I immediately received calls after I posted my new resume on the job boards.  I have had two recruiters tell me they loved my resume!  One even saw my old one for comparison. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into my resume, it really paid off.  Again, thanks so much and you are right...you have a gift to do this. You will be the first word I mumble when a friend tells me they are looking for a job."
-Carrie A.

"You must hear this a lot. You have done it again! I could find nothing "wrong" with my resume and cover letter, which is to say they are perfect. You have coalesced and condensed my background and interests in to a precise package that will serve me well. Thank you for your time and efforts and for the quality service you provide!" -Steve K.

"I would first like to thank you for the most well written Professional resume and cover letter. You are a true professional in your craft. I can only say that I had sent out over a hundred resumes to prospective employers with very little or no response. When I received your resume and cover letter, I sent it out and within a matter of days I started to get interviews for employment. It works, it really works. Thank you."

“Both the resume and cover letter are beautifully done. I will let you know the results and refer as many people as I can to you. I am very impressed with your work and you made me sound good too!! lol” -Jamie S.

 “I love, love, love it!!! You are definitely doing what you’re good at, that is for sure!! Thanks again, you’re a superstar!!” -Denise R.

“Your resume in the last six weeks has gotten me five interviews and eleven or so more requests for a first.” -Alex H.

“The resume and cover letter that you did for Christina were excellent! You have such an intuitive way of finding out what people are about and then you are able to present it so professionally and concisely. You are really something special. Thank you!" -Brett L.

"Thank you, I secured a great job as a CAM, with a good company. The resume you did for me was instrumental." -Greg C.

"I think it's awesome... Thanks for updating it. I love the resume, the letter is phenomenal. Thanks so much!" -Maria B.

"Thank you very much for all of your help. You have done a wonderful job. I couldn't be happier." -Bill S.

"Three weeks ago I began my new job working for VIP realty in the accounting department. I actually received several job offers in my search. Every employment agency or person I interviewed with was very impressed with my resume. I truly believe it was a tremendous help to have such a professional looking resume. Thank you very much for your help. I would recommend you to anyone in need of a resume." -Rich B.

"Thank you so much - you do beautiful work."-Cindy F.

"This looks great. Many thanks, confident that your resume will be a great asset in aiding me in securing a job." -Ellen G.

"My resume looks great, you did such a nice job!!! Thank you so much!!! You have been wonderful!! I will gladly recommend you to my friends and associates."
-Kelly D.

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got a job!!! I work for Dr. Driesbach-Office Manager. Thanks so much for the wonderful resume." -Lisa S.

"It looks great!!!! Now I just have to brush up on my interview skills." -Stella D.

"Thank you very much for the Resume and Cover Letter you prepared for me. I will gladly refer you in the future. The quality of your work is excellent." -Chris I.

"These look great! I've already sent a few out... That job for the nurse auditor expired, however, before we got done. But there are some new ones out there - wish me luck!! Thanks for your help and encouragement." -Amy H.

"Everything looked great. I already faxed it up north and I have talked to the owner, the general manager and the guy that will do the hiring. Everything is going good so far but we haven't discussed money yet. The resume did the trick. I also had one of my friends look at it and he was very impressed. Thank-you very much." -Jeff O.

"I emailed the resume and two hours later got the phone call for an interview and went for the second interview and got hired. Same thing happened when the day after I received the resume from you, I emailed it out to someone on Friday and on Monday got a phone call for an interview. Talk about satisfaction guaranteed!. Thank you again." -Francesca D.

"WOW!!! I'd hire me...what a terrific job! Thank you so much. I do not have any changes to make; you did a remarkable job. I'll let you know how things go for me, and I've already given your name to other job seekers. Thanks again." -Joshua E.

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